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Background information of Kclg Tax Consulting Limited, CTA

The Kclg Tax Consulting Limited (Kclg) is a partnership and managed by the senior management team of tax partner, Mr. Oliver Kwong CTA, who is also a Chartered Accountants (UK) together with the chief adviser, Ms. Christina Nueva. The firm has been registered with the Taxation Institute of Hong Kong being the Corporate member of CTA.

The firm is back up by the professional staff of Chartered Accountants firm, C C Kwong & Co. and is particularly strong in focusing the following specialist areas: -

  • Taxation investigation and planning
  • Formation of charitable organization (tax exemption under section 88 of IRO) and Community Interest Companies in UK and CSR companies in Hong Kong
  • The 60 days rule application on Hong Kong and non Hong Kong employees
  • Offshore tax claim
Kclg approach

The key to effective tax planning is understand your commercial objectives and provide a tax strategy that allows your business to develop and grow while minimizing tax costs. This strategy should be driven by and fit with your commercial objectives and not create unnecessary risk.

We want to understand and be involved in your business. We are prepared to invest our time to achieve this because it enables us to provide proactive commercial tax advice allowing you to make your business decisions with confidence.

Mr. Oliver Kwong CTA, FCA, CPA (practising), CPA (Aust)
Ms. Christina Nueva BCompsc, MCom, MACS CT, MACM

Tax compliance

Adopting a tailored, risk-focused approach, we can help you manage your corporate tax compliance obligations. These obligations can represent a substantial outflow of funds from a business and become a drain on management time because of increased reporting requirements, a more investigative approach by the tax authorities, and harsher penalties for non-compliance.

Our tax team can help to identify ways to reduce your tax charges within the framework of the relevant tax legislation, and deliver services to deal efficiently and effectively with your tax concerns, such as preparation of Profits Tax returns, and assisting in responding and managing queries from the tax authorities.

Tax advisory

With our extensive practical experience and knowledge in individual industry segments, we not only advise on the corporate tax consequences of a particular transaction, but also provide valuable tax advice to enable you to have a complete picture of all the issues, achieve business and tax objectives, and manage risks.


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